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God is Good All the Time

So many of you have responded to my {Sigh} post from last week. I know my blog is a bit unique in that I post deals, reviews, worthy causes and personal stuff all in the same space - hence, the MelissaStuff title.

However, since I dragged you all into my emotional firestorm last week, I wanted to make sure I followed that up with the rest of the story.

Without taking three years to explain the entire back story, the bottom line is that the person I was referring, whom I love dearly, passed away on Thursday morning. How grateful I was that God provided me with the opportunity to spend those last minutes with him.

The funeral was Saturday morning, and I was pretty petrified. All of the stuff I listed that makes me angry was a part of the dynamics going into that - I hadn't been in that building in a very long time. I hadn't seen many of those people for years. And I didn't know what to expect.

I'm not easily intimidated or overwhelmed, but this situation definitely had the best of me.

I went early praying and hoping that I would possibly have some quiet time alone at the viewing without having to navigate around other people. Amazingly, I was able to walk in and have those precious few moments without anyone else there. Of course, the person I loved wasn't there. And I found I felt as if I had said goodbye on Wednesday. The shell that lay there was just a discarded garment.

There was a seat that was the place I always found this special man . . . the awkwardness of the situation made me wish for him to be there, and that was the saddest part of the day for me. Instead, I sat in his seat and thought of the many times he had lit up with a smile, opened his arms and made me feel at home from that exact spot.

In addition to the small blessings I mentioned, I was able to see and experience what I would consider one of the most amazing answers to prayer I've seen in my lifetime. It's not that I thought God couldn't do it . . . I just wasn't sure He would or that the person involved would let Him.

But I'm still floored every time I think about the changes, the difference, the beauty of that situation. Anything can happen at this point, but I know I will always remember and be grateful for His grace at such a difficult time - even in the face of my lack of faith, my anger, hurt and disappointment.

My Facebook status yesterday was, "God is good all the time."

And all the time, God is good!


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