Small Confession . . .

Okay, so when I visited my own blog today to look something up and realized I hadn't posted anything since January 12, I knew it was probably time to share what is going on from my side of things.

My work with Plum District has gone very well. I love it. I have a great team and a wonderful group of marketing contacts that have made the first couple of months a breeze for me. Splitting my time and energy obviously caused me to limit my posts to only the truly BEST deals and of course the worthy causes.

Then for my birthday (and because the new job has boosted our spending money a bit), my husband decided I should buy a MacBook Pro. GREAT! I'm hard on computers and generally wear them out in less than 18 months. Apple is supposed to have a sturdier product that doesn't fall prey to the viruses and the memory suck, etc.

I like my Mac. There are some things that are so much simpler and so far everything seems to be functioning correctly. However, I can not use the blogging program I used on my PC. Using it, I can crank out blogs as easily as I can shoot an email to a friend. That allowed me to quickly get deals out there to you even with the increased demands of Plum District. Now, even the simplest of deal posts is a difficult task and takes a good 15-20 minutes at a minimum.

So, my blog is sucking wind big time. I have got to get that figured out quickly. Please bear with me; I'm not going anywhere and I'm still determined to bring you the same quality material you are used to receiving here on MelissaStuff.

Thank you for your patience!


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