The Laying Room

Sorry, I know my deals have been few and far between but we've spent so much of the last couple of months focused on buying and getting that I just feel like it's a good time to take a breath and look around at what else is going on. The deals will be back soon, but until then, I need to talk to you about something.

The laying room.

It's the room where they put children who they don't think can function well enough to have energy expended on stimulating them.

It's a horrid place full of hopelessness, decay and neglect.

It's the place that they moved this little boy just about one year ago.


This is what Valentin looked like just before he went into the laying room. One of the ladies that went to pick up her adoptive son from the same orphanage said he was healthy looking, kind, interactive . . . even gentle with other children.

After two months in the room, this is the effect it had on Valentin:


And now, this is what Valentin looks like:


A family had stepped up to bring this child home, and when they arrived in his hometown and went to visit him in this orphanage they realized his needs were beyond their abilities. He is head banging, screaming out and is significantly developmentally delayed. One year ago he was slightly behind due to a general lack of stimulation and exposure, but he was cognitively fine. Now?

What this child needs is a family. A family with the time and ability to love and dote on him. Time to be patient while he recovers. Time to love him and love him and love him some more.

And both Valentin and this family need your help to pay the cost of bringing him home. The money would be raised overnight if everyone who came across this story donated just $10.

Will you do your part to rescue this one child? w


  1. Oh my heart is breaking right now. We are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia right now. Thankfully, I don't think they employ laying rooms there. Praying for the family that is bringing this little guy home.

  2. So thrilled for your baby girl! And appreciate the prayers. It's good to know God loves these babies even when no one else does. I have a sneaky suspicion he may have a special relationship with them that no one else will ever know about. But I'm also pretty sure he's calling someone to go get this boy and bring him home.


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