Dispute SaveMore Credit Card Charges

Not too long ago, I posted about my experiences with SaveMore and some others more recent experiences with them.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what occurred on their end, but they are no longer responding to email or phone call requests. I personally have two deals that I am unable to redeem.

I'm sorry that I have recommended a sit that has proved to be unreliable in the long run. I would not advise making any further purchases from them. In addition, if you have some vouchers that have not been usable, I would advise you to contest them on your credit card since it doesn't appear you will get anywhere with them directly.

Again, I'm sorry for any troubles this may cause.


  1. I made two purchases from them and they e-mail replied to me once stating the two Gift Cards were in the mail but of course I never received them nor would they provide me tracking.

    Ended up calling my Credit Card to dispute the charges. crossing my fingers.

  2. I am hoping my encounter with GIGI Petals will not turn out like this!


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