Time to Stock Up: 50% Off Christmas

You might have noticed that there weren’t very many posts today – there was a couple of good reasons.

1. My kids are home.

2. My husband is off this week.

3. We are doing an entire list of home improvement projects.

4. In my downtime, I actually went and did some bargain shopping of my own.

But I want to share what I did find.

Lots of places have their Christmas stuff already 50% off. Here’s a list of the places I ran into today:







Home Depot

This is a great time to grab some of the things that don’t get on sale very often – large yard decorations, beautiful wreaths and both indoor/outdoor lights are good choices.

Many of these stores will continue clearance out their holiday merchandise, and I’ll try to let you know when they do.

Have you found any good deals while you were out shopping and returning stuff?


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