Martha Stewart Living Paint Clearanced: Starting at $12

We are working at doing all of the house maintenance that it’s easy to let slip by as days and months and years pass.

One of those is painting. We still have the original contractor grade paint job in the main living areas of our home. It’s about eight years old and VERY lived in. Think scuffed, scratched, worn, raggedy . . . and just downright nasty in places.

Today I went to buy a 5 gallon bucket of paint. I walked into Home Depot and found that it cost about $120 for Behr. Ugh!

However, they are discontinuing the Martha Stewart Living paint collection.


One gallon of the Martha Stewart Living paint started at $12, so it was much smarter for me to get several gallons of this nicer paint than to get the 5 gallon.

Whatever, they have available is all they have available, though, so realize you won’t be able to go back and get another can of the same paint several months from now! But otherwise, it’s a GREAT deal on paint.


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