Last Minute Gift? Up to 50% Gift Baskets on Amazon

I know it’s getting to the point that I fyou have to send a gift to someone, you’re scrambling to try to find something and get it in the mail so it actually shows up before Christmas.

Let me help . . . Amazon is offering up to 50% off their gift baskets and they have ALL kinds of gift baskets. The best part is that if you have Amazon Prime Shipping or are a member of the Amazon Mom Program then your item will ship FREE regardless of the cost. But as long as you purchase more than $25 worth of items from Amazon, your gift set will ship for FREE! You can ship it directly to the gift recipient.

Here’s one I personally loved:


$21.99 for 3 lbs of candy from the 60s

I love this company. They produce sets of candy from each decade providing a great treat and a walk down memory lane. I wonder if they have one from the 50s because I would absolutely buy it for my dad. He would LOVE it.


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