Last Minute Gift: $15 Barnes & Noble Card + $10 Save

Barnes & Noble

Last-minute gift: $21 for both a Barnes & Noble eGift Card and a Gift Card + $10 in Save Rewards just for you!

Eversave has a fun deal for you last minute shoppers. Did you forget someone on the list? Have too hard a time finding the ‘right’ gift? Here’s a quick and easy solution.

For $21 you get a $15 Barnes & Noble Gift card, a $50 credit, and $10 in Save Rewards to use on your next purchase!

If you aren’t clear on what is or how it works, check out this post on vouchers.

But even if you don’t ever use the certificate, this is still $25 worth of product for just $15!

In fact, if you still need a gift for me – I would LOVE this deal. LOL

And while you’re there, there are some other great deals available too.

Bonus Save: Carnival Cruise

Today's Save:$569 for a four-day Carnival cruise, plus a two-night hotel stay
Bonus Save: Flowers-Nationwide

Gift alert:$12 for $40 worth of floral arrangements from Flowers-Nationwide
Bonus Save: Gifts For You Now

Today's Save:$39 for $80 worth of custom photo canvases from Gifts for You Now, plus free shipping!
Bonus Save: NuMe Style

Give this: $30 for $130 worth of premium hair-styling tools and products from NuMe Style
Bonus Save: Cree LED flashlight

Bright idea:$21 for an LED flashlight—shipping included! ($45 value)
Bonus Save: Universal Remote Control

A simple gift:$96 for a universal remote control — shipping included!
Bonus Save: Big Skinny

Great gift:$10 for $20 worth of slim wallets and more from
Bonus Save: Zoobooks

Perfect present:$15 for a subscription to any Zoobooks magazine or $30 worth of products and DVDS
Bonus Save: Luxe Bamboo

Today's Save:$16 for 20 bamboo GO! Towels, shipping included!
Bonus Save: Birkenstock of San Diego

Today's Save:$25 for $50 worth of UGGs and more from Birkenstock of San Diego Stores


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