IMPORTANT Information about Plum District Tablet Purchases

For those of you who purchased this deal from Plum District, they sent out this VERY IMPORTANT information about the Tablet deal they ran over Black Friday weekend.
We recently discovered the vendor offering the XSV360 7” Android OS tablet deal, will not be able to meet Plum District’s quality or customer service standards. As a result, we have decided to refund all 4000 customers who purchased the deal.
When will my credit appear on my credit or debit card?
The credit will appear in 2-3 business days, no later than Dec. 15th.
Is there a way for me to still receive this offer?
Unfortunately, the vendor is unable to fulfill any of these orders at this time.
When will my Plum dollars appear in my account?
Your Plum Dollars will be credited to your account on or before Dec. 15th.
What was the issue with the tablet offer?
The vendor was unable to deliver the tablet in the timeframe committed or the quality expected.
If I entered my voucher at what will happen?
Your order has already been canceled.
How will my shipping charge be refunded from has confirmed that no transactions have been processed.
Will you be offering a tablet offer in the future?
If the opportunity to present a high quality offer to our customers presents itself we will consider it for the future.
I used my 40% off code, can I get another?
All tablet customers received a one-time-use promotion code for 40% off of one purchase in December.
There are some great deals out there especially with the 40% off code, so let me know if you need some recommendations.

You can also check out these Tablet alternatives as well.

I believe they will be sending out an email about this soon, as well. But I wanted you to know as soon as possible so you had time to make other plans if you are planning on it being a Christmas gift.


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