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Henna and Hair?

No, for real. Henna. Dye. In my hair. On purpose.

And I think it looks pretty cool.

Last week, I had the privilege of going down to the Highland Park salon of Roberto Felisati.

Located right On Oak Lawn, this is the first salon that Roberto has opened in the states. He has another in Monterrey and is part owner of a third in Milan.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed down to Highland Park. If you had asked me I would have said let’s go with big blonde streaks and an edgy, maybe a bit shorter in back and longer in front. That is not where I ended up.


I totally felt like someone was doing art on my head during this transformation. In all the hundreds of times I’ve had my hair done and the dozens of times I’ve visited different salons, I’ve never felt that way before.

First, Roberto looked at my hair and discussed with the stylist what the best approach would be. Then he teased my hair – like you see in this picture – and then they treated with their own lightening system called “shatush.” Instead of taking 40 or 45 minutes to lighten my hair like most products do, my hair had lightened and I was having it rinsed out in about 15 minutes.

Then before I got up from the sink bowl, they applied henna to my hair. Yes, seriously henna. Apparently, the henna you apply to hair is different from the kind used to do the traditional henna tattoos.

For my hair, they used a combination of brown and red hues. Since the hair had already been lightened in places, the henna was absorbed much more in certain areas, creating a very natural sunkissed red look to my regularly sort of drab brown hair.

Now it was time for the cut – again not what I expected. It took maybe five minutes total. Had I not known better, I would have thought that it was a random process of snipping, cutting, pinching, holding up hair and repeating. But when he was done he had an adorable slightly altered version of the haircut I had when I walked in. He had gotten rid of the gradual angle from front to back and cut it in such a way that I don’t need products or tools – I can literally blow dry my hair and go and it looks fixed! That’s definitely the style for this crazy momma of three.

I had a really hard time showing you what it looked like complete, but here it is from a couple different angles – the first one you can see the layers in the back that make it not lay flat and in the second you can really see the awesome color! (Maybe one day I’ll remember to wear makeup when I’m taking pictures like this.)


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