Custom Embroidered Stockings – $7.99


Want embroidered stockings for your entire family? You can get them for $7.99 right now, including 7 day FREE shipping.

How fun is that? And a good deal to boot. (No pun intended, well maybe sort of.)

And Vistaprint has daily specials to help you fill these stockings too.


  1. Thanks! I missed out a while back when they were $7. I ordered 5 just now. It will be nice to have all matching stockings for the family. I wasn't able to go through Shop at Home, though. I must not know all the rules and regulations. When I tried they came up almost double the price than with your deal. So I just went with your deal. Thanks again. Merry Christmas!


  2. Yeah sometimes it does weird things like that. Vistaprint especially offers special pricing only through certain links so it's hard to combine it with some of the other cash back sites, etc.

    So glad you were able to find a good deal to get matching stockings for your whole crew. Merry Christmas!


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