CRAZY GOOD: Buy 1, Get 2 Crayola (Pay for the CHEAPEST ONE!!)

Look at this CRAZY GOOD deal from Toys’R’Us right now.
They are offering Crayola Markers, Crayons and Pencils for Buy 1, Get 2 FREE. But the CRAZY part is that you pay for the CHEAPEST one. So you can see above I got a $14.99 item and a $4.99 item and paid for the $1.29 item. I had them do store pickup and I didn’t have to pay for shipping either! Woo-hoo!!


  1. That deal is gone. I tried it earlier today and it made me pay for the highest priced item. And now that option of 1 for 3 is not listed. Think it was a glitch to allow payment for the lowest price??

  2. Maybe. I don't know how smart of a deal it is to have someone pay for the least expensive item, so it is possible it was a glitch. I did notice that last night when I was doing it almost all of the items were unavailable or only able to shipped which cost WAY more than the deal did. I have two orders that have not gone to "ready" to be picked up status, so I'm wondering if they'll cancel them. But the order my MIL was supposed to pick up in Waco did go through and was ready to be picked up.


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