BARGAIN: Leapster2 Charger just $10


If you have a Leapster2 you NEED one of these. We go through an amazing amount of batteries, and generally our children forget to ask us to replace them until we have walked out of the door of our house. So the batteries don’t get replaced, the toy doesn’t get played with, and the money invested in the Leapster and the games is a waste.

Investing $10 to keep that from happening will be a money maker in the end – with the extended play time for your kids and the savings on batteries.

One of the best things we ever did was buy a charger for our Wii remotes. I can’t imagine how many batteries and how much angst we would have gone through without it.

Today Amazon has this Leapster2 charging station for $10 and it ships FREE with a $25 purchase.


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