Amazon App Can Help You Get the Best Deal


Price Check by Amazon - Mobile In-Store Deals

Amazon frequently drops their prices to match other stores deals. If I can get the same price (or better) and have the item shipped directly to my house, that is ALWAYS the route I am going to go. So when I found out, I could scan the barcode of an item and find out immediately if the Amazon price was the same or better, I knew this was an app I needed to get as soon as I could.

You can download it from your phone by searching for “Price Check by Amazon.”

Then when you are out shopping, you can scan the barcode, take a picture with your phone, read the barcode into the phone or even type it in. No matter how you enter the information, the app will show you the current price on Amazon!

I have to tell you it’s super easy and I love it! Makes me much more confident I am actually getting the best deal I can.


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