My Child is A Little Artsy – Is Yours?

There is a quote that says “Every child is an artist, but the challenge is remaining an artist as an adult.”

But at the same time, certain children are most definitely more inclined to artistic activities. In our own household, we have one child who really has had very little interest in anything having to do with coloring, painting, drawing, etc. And another child who thrives on it. If you tell him that you got him a coloring book, you would think that you told him you were going to take him to Six Flags!

So when I had the opportunity to visit A Little Artsy in University Park, I knew exactly which child would enjoy it.

Fall 2011 028Meet Colter, our four year old - he will tell you that when he grows up he is going to paint . . . and be a policeman, fireman, and doctor!

Deb, the art teacher at A Little Artsy, is awesome! She guided Colt in new and fun ways to create art but still gave him his freedom to do things his own way.

First we did Pointilistic Art (or something like that, I’m definitely NOT the artist in the family) – the idea was to fill in the different areas with dots. You can see how into that Colt was:

Fall 2011 029

He’s much more a fan of the let’s see how colors mix and what great swirls and whirls can we make in those colors. Deb easily adapted and had him use his hand to “paint” and mix, swirl and create rainbows of colors.

Then she helped him use the brush to fill in the rest of the picture.

Fall 2011 031

This is the masterpiece we took home. Honestly, I love the way my 4 year old sees life and I am sure we will have many of his artistic creations on our walls for years to come.

If you would be interested in trying out A Little Artsy for yourself, you can get a one-hour art class there for just $15 on Plum District today!


One-Hour Art Class at A Little Artsy – $15


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