A New Milestone . . .

Gala 2011One of the hardest parts of doing the Bouari diet plan has been not working out. I had been working out religiously for six or seven months and then I stopped cold turkey just to make sure that whatever results I got from Bouari were clearly from Bouari and nothing else.

But after my checkup last week, I decided I was going to start adding my workouts back in. I had been gone from the gym about 30 days when I waltzed back in this week. Besides feeling like I was back “home” in many ways, it was great to see some faces I had been missing. When the owner mentioned that he thought I looked thinner than when I had last been in, I brushed it off as just what you say when someone works out at your gym. But then I started thinking, that doesn’t really work in his favor does it? If I lose weight when I’m not in the gym then it’s possible I could just decide not to go to the gym anymore. So that was nice. Crazy that this Bouari thing works so well I’m continuing to lose weight without being in the gym!

Then I had a checkup at the doctor on Thursday. When they weighed me in, I weighed in at less than 150 lbs. for the first time since high school. (By the way because of my build 150 lbs. on me is a bit different than 150 lbs. on some other people.)

I’m quite pleased and interested in seeing what happens over the next few weeks.


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