LAST CHANCE: A Few $77.40 Android Tablets Left!


If you tried to get in on this deal and it was SOLD OUT, there are some still available in the Austin market – you can follow this link to them.

Man! The deals just keep coming. I saw someone say on Facebook that they didn’t find any good Cyber Monday deals . . . they must not be looking where I’m looking. I’ve found more deals than I could buy today.

Here’s another great one. You can buy an Android Tablet for just $129. If you use the code CYBER40at checkout, you’ll get an additional 40% off making it just $77.40 for a brand new tablet. SCORE!

If you are a returning Plum District customer, please use this link so that a part of your purchase will go to help support the MelissaStuff blog and our ability to bring you wonderful deals just like this one.


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