HOT! $20 + 8% Cash Back on a $50 Gift for Him


Original$50 in Tickets at ScoreBig = $20
Go through Shop at Home and get 8% Cash Back
If you’re new to Shop at Home, you’ll also get a $5 bonus for your first purchase.

Wow! Wish I could buy more of these. They make great gifts. We have purchased Ranger tickets and Cowboy tickets from ScoreBig for a significant discount. In fact, I was able to get $20 Cowboy tickets earlier in the season for their first game after that horrid loss! CRAZY, I know.

There are NO hidden fees. What you offer for the tickets, if it’s accepted, is all you are charged. The tickets are delivered right to you or sometimes able to pick up at will call.

And imagine, if I had this credit to use on those Cowboy tickets! They would have practically been free.

Use this credit at ScoreBig to purchase discounted tickets for someone special or just gift the credit to them so they can pick out the event they want to see.  The voucher is good until May so you’ll even be able to get in on the new basketball season and possibly a baseball game.

Not only sporting events, but the circus, concerts, comedy . . . if it sells tickets, there’s a good chance you can get it on ScoreBig. And they offer tickets in cities all over the country. You can check to see what they have before you buy if you click on the website link in the voucher offer.

Returning Plum District customers can use this link to help support MelissaStuff in bringing you more deals just like this!


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