CiCi’s Pizza Grand Opening

If you’re not a blogger you probably don’t know anything about this, but sometimes I write a post and my Writer (the program I use to write and post) just decides at that moment it’s not going to publish that post. Usually I can log out and back in and it posts. But sometimes the articles get hung up in Never, Never Land and I don’t even know they didn’t post.

That’s exactly what happened with this article. The sad part is the event I was trying to post about is already over. However, the store is still there. It’s still in its grand opening and I still think you should go  by and try it out!

Murphy Grand Opening 003

When I was growing up . . . specifically all through my jr. high and high school years, we lived on the border of Garland and Sachse. There were very few places to eat or even hang out around there. But there was a Chili’s and a CiCi’s. Umm, there wasn’t even fast food available.

All that to say, we celebrated everything at CiCi’s. It is a critical part of my memories from that era in my life.

And now, CiCi’s is opening a brand new location just down the road from there in Murphy. To help celebrate, they are holding a fundraiser to benefit Plano East High School.

The fun starts at 11 a.m. this Saturday, November 12th.



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