Change . . . is Good, Right?

I’m not generally a huge fan of change. I don’t like monotony, but I do like to know what to expect and when to expect it so I can plan accordingly . . . and I’m sure my family would tell you “control” the way things go.

But I’ve heard change is a good thing. And I hope so because there are lots of changes going on in my world right now. The biggest of which I want to share with you – I accepted a part-time (but knowing me will be fulltime) position with Plum District helping them set up great deals here in the local DFW area! I’m really excited. I’ve worked with some great companies here on my blog and I would love to bring them to you at a significant discount.

There will be some changes here on my blog. I obviously can’t promote certain deals that may be run my competitors.  You know that small conflict-of-interest thing . . . but I am still committed to bringing you the best deals I can find for the holidays, your family, and your home. Hopefully now I‘ll actually be be able to CREATE some of those deals for you.

But if you or anyone you know runs a business in the area and would like to creatively market themselves to thousands of homes in the area, please let me know. You can reach my Plum District email here – – Thank you!


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