Bouari Update: Inches!

I went in for my first follow up on the Bouari plan today. Going in I felt like I had lost weight but not significant pounds as some people do. But then again I had already lost 30 lbs. prior to starting this plan AND I really suck at eating according to low calorie plans. I do much better with eat these foods as much as you want and don’t eat these foods at all.

So I wasn’t really shocked when she said I weighed in only one pound less than my initial weigh-in. However, I was completely shocked when she told me I’d lost two inches in my waist, an inch on each of my arms and at least two inches on each thigh! What?

I mean I know my clothes were fitting loser and I was feeling more comfortable in some of the tighter shirts and jeans I own . . . but TWO INCHES?!?

Here are my thoughts on this topic:

1. The spray, drops and appetite suppressants don’t bother me in any way.

2. I have not worked out in almost a solid month. And before that I was running two miles a day and lifting weights.

3. My eating habits, especially, with Halloween and some special activities we’ve been participating in have not been stellar.

4. If I could have targeted areas of my body to lose inches it would have been my waist, my thighs and my arms.

I’m not sure how this product works. I don’t know the chemistry behind it or how well researched the claims about it are. And it’s something that we could not afford if I had to pay for it out of pocket – it’s generally several hundred dollars a month. But it works. I’m as big a skeptic as you’ve ever met, and I’m telling you something in this formula causes your metabolism to speed up and accesses your fat stores in order to have fuel to burn. Isn’t that every woman’s (and many men’s) dream?

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can visit the local Bouari clinic site here.


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