6 Ways to Get the Best Christmas Deals

The holidays get fast and furious. Yet we all want to make sure we get the best deals on the items we purchase during this time.

Here are the best ways to prepare in order to save as much money as possible:

1. Be prepared. image

Sign up for the emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds of all of your favorite stores and brands. Many places reward loyal customers with special discounts or early notice of sales. Research the items you are wanting to purchase and keep an eye out for ads or blog posts mentioning these or similar items. I will do my best to share the biggest bargains right here on MelissaStuff.

2. Know what is most important.

Most people have a lengthy list of items they are looking for, but some of them are easier found and some of them are fairly inexpensive. You want to prioritize and spend more time looking for those deals.

3. Do Black Friday smart.

Price-match whenever possible. The items that will be sold out first at other stores should still be in stock at stores that price match . . . and you will get them for the same price. Two of the easiest places to price-match are Walmart and Target. Dress in layers because when you start early and end up standing in line for a long period of time you are going to experience a wide variety of temperatures. Make sure you keep your receipts in case you need to return or exchange something.

4. Shop for deals before they start.

I didn’t even know this was possible but both MasterCard and Visa will reimburse you the cost difference if an item you recently purchased goes on sale for Black Friday! You will have to send in your receipt, the ad and a claim form within 60 days of the ad’s publication.

5. Open an Amazon account and sign up for a FREE Prime membership to receive FREE 2-day shipping.

Amazon offers incredible deals throughout the holiday season and yet they’re limited and sell out fast. In fact some of the best deals I get every year are from Amazon. You don’t want to be wasting time filling out registration when time is of the essence. In addition if you haven’t ever done the FREE trial of Prime membership you also want to sign up for it – the best part of this promo is that you will receive FREE 2-day shipping on items of any cost! It’s good for two months, so that will well cover all of the holiday specials.

6. Sign up for cash back programs – Ebates, Shop at Home, and Swagbucks are three of the most popular. You can even download a tool bar that will automatically search to see if any of the stores that you visit online are listed in their cash back programs. If so, you will get a percentage of your transaction back in cash without having to do any extra work. I usually get back $25 – $50 through these programs and the only items I purchase online are the steals. If you are new to these sites, you will also get a sign up bonus – $5 for Ebates or Shop at Home and 110 Swagbucks.


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