What I Got: $42 House Cleaning

I posted about this deal over the weekend, but I had to finally give in and grab it for myself.

Life is CRAZY right now. I am blogging, working with Clean It Out where I am spending a couple of days a week working on inventory and then we have sales the next two weekends in a row, and just took on a part time job that I will tell you more about soon. On top of that, I have three boys, a husband, a crazy house, a youth group I try to spend time with and extended family who we love and enjoy being with…

All that to say – MY HOUSE IS DIRTY! – and it’s driving me crazy. My husband worked overtime yesterday too, another reason my house is dirty and I am tired. So I told him I was using some of his overtime to pay for this housecleaning. At least it’s such a good deal it won’t eat up much of his OT.


$42 for a Full House Cleaning from 3 Moms & a Mop


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