Time to Start Planning for the Holidays


Half off Specialty Foods & Gourmet Condiments

$15 for $30 in Specialty Sauces, Dips and Condiments

The Terrapin Ridge Farms offer sweet, spicy, and savory jams that are the perfect compliment atop cheese or spread on toast while their mustards, from the Brown Sugar & Pecan to the Pipin’ Hot Pepper, boast a flavorful punch. When it comes to dips, their mixes add last-minute flavor to any dish or appetizer and your tailgating mates’ mouths will water over the Mango Cucumber Habanero Dip and the Apple Dill & Rosemary Sauce.

Seriously, doesn’t that sound absolutely to die for? Okay so maybe that’s partially my diet talking, but these would be great to take to Thanksgiving or a Christmas party!

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