They Need You . . .

Duchenne  Muscle Dystrophy is killing thousands. Thousands more suffer every day. Families grieve. Children struggle.

And yet with the right attention and the necessary funds, there is good reason to believe there will be a cure found.

You can help! Vote for CureDuchenne in the Team Escalade Texas promotion going on right now. If they get the most votes over the duration of this promotion, they will receive $150,000 towards finding a cure.

I doubt any of us have $150,000 that we could personally donate to help find a cure for Duchenne, but we all have just a few second to vote and help them get $150,000 closer to finding a cure.

Please vote now.

Cadillac is sponsoring this contest as well as my participation. But this is a very worthy cause that could use your support.


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