P.F. Chang’s Serves Cole Slaw, Ribs, and Mashed Potatoes?

P.F. Chang's Large PartyIn our family, when it’s your birthday you get to pick where everyone meets to celebrate. More often than not, my choice is P.F. Chang’s! I love Asian food and there just isn’t any better option around here, in my opinion, than P.F. Chang’s.

This week, I had the privilege of attending a special preview of P.F. Chang’s catering menu. Umm, I had NO CLUE that they not only serve the same items they offer in their restaurants, but also New York strip, mashed potatoes, ribs, and much, much more. All of it was good enough to melt in your mouth.

The marinated New York strip was super tender and delicious. The mashed potatoes have wasabi in them. I am not a huge fan of wasabi, but in this situation they are addictive. I’m supposed to be not eating very many calories on this Bouari diet, so I could only have a taste . . . but I WILL be having those again at the first opportunity. The cole slaw had an asian flavor too it – a little sweet, a little spicy. The ribs were my favorite. They seriously tasted like what I imagine a luau roasted pig to taste like. Sweet, but still savory and tender enough that it could be eaten with a fork right off the bone.

The next time someone is looking for a catering suggestion . . . I know just where I’m going to recommend they go. I’m just hoping I’m invited to that event!


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