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My Anniversary: 2 Fancy Dinners, Gifts, Movie Tickets, + Snacks = Just $58

Sorry this post was delayed by my unexpected sickness. I originally wrote this on Tuesday, October 11.

I had a wonderful anniversary today. Most of that had to do with the fact that my precious hubby stayed home with me all day . . . and my kids were all in school, so it was like a full day date! Can’t remember the last time that happened.

But we also managed to do a lot of fun activities, eat well, and exchange gifts all for just $58. Let me tell you how and share a few local recommendations with you.

This morning, the first place we stopped was . . .


Yep, romantic, huh? We just quickly ran in and grabbed a part we needed for a home fix-it-up project and it had nothing to do with our anniversary so I didn’t include it in the $$ total.

Then we headed over to Panacea – and used a voucher that I got through Juice in the City using credits I accrued by referring others. They have really cute stuff. I found a wrist cuff with a big flower on it that I loved, and their purses were big, roomy and super cute. They felt like leather but only cost about $50, so I’m not sure they were. I ended up buying these two items, and telling my husband he should get me the purse for Christmas.

 Smile TOTAL = $5 (after voucher)

From there we decided it was time to eat, so we went a little further down the road to a great little place we had tried before, Zanata. And guess what? We used a voucher from Juice in the City that I purchased with credits I got for referring my friends. TOTAL = $10 (after voucher)

They have the most awesome outside porch on the roof . . . super romantic. They also have an incredible salad that is followed up by fresh brick oven baked pizza or pasta. And they run specials all the time so we will go back even when we don’t have a voucher.

We headed back towards home territory and stopped at a store in the Villages of Allen – Shop Jane. It doesn’t look like much on the outside . . . or really the inside either. but they had some cute clothes and stuff was clearanced to $9.99 and $5.99. Except, the shirt I liked best was $24.99. The voucher I had – of course I had a voucher – was for $30 so I used the last $5 plus a little bit to buy a Christmas gift. Since that wasn’t related to our anniversary, our TOTAL = $0 (after voucher).

By the way, I gave Joey his gift before we left the house. I had purchased Nautica cologne that I had gotten with Extra Car Bucks from CVS. Don’t judge me – it smells the same and it didn’t cost me anything! TOTAL = $0

Unfortunately, at this point in our day we had to interrupt the fun to go to a parent/teacher conference. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad of a meeting and it didn’t ruin our day or anything.

After the meeting, we picked up two of our boys and then went back to get the oldest from Kindergarten. We quickly dropped them at the grandparents – thank God for grandparents! – and headed to an early dinner.

Yep, we used another Juice in the City voucher – this one for Nico’s Cantina. We were shocked by how nice Nico’s was – it’s located on the Southwest corner of Park and Preston in Plano.

It’s only been open about 4 months. But the food was good. It wasn’t super expensive (even without the voucher) and the service couldn’t have been better. I loved the ambiance – although I have to admit that we went at an off time so it wasn’t very crowded at all. We would totally return here again. We did spend the most money of the day here because we splurged. We could have eaten for MUCH less if we had tried. Our voucher was only $20 and our bill ended up being $50. TOTAL = $30

From there, we went and used the movie vouchers that we had gotten with the awesome Plum District deal that ran a couple of weeks ago. Our tickets ended up being FREE and then my husband visited the concession stand and spent $13! LOL  It was his anniversary after all – and he might have been encouraged by me since I knew I was going to be jumping on the Bouari diet hard following that day. TOTAL = $13

We had an entire DAY of dates and both of us got anniversary gifts, attended a movie and ate until we were going to pop. In the end we spent a total of just $58.

Panacea (gift for me) = $5
Nautica Cologne (gift for Joey) = $0
Zanata’s (lunch) = $10
Shop Jane (gift for me) = $0
Nico’s Cantina (dinner) = $30
Movies and Snacks = $13
TOTAL = $58

I realize that many of you don’t have access to these vouchers for absolutely FREE. However, I wanted to show you some of the possible uses for these daily deals vouchers. I always use the FREE credits from these deal sites I receive to stretch our budget. We have fun. We spend so much less, and we try things we would never have tried without these deals.


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