LOCAL: Celebrate Halloween in a Unique Way

I have to confess that I really enjoy Halloween. That doesn’t sit well with some of my more conservative family and friends, but it is what it is. I don’t celebrate it as a dark art or as a way of making a “joke” out of Hell, demons, etc. It’s just a tradition in our family of dressing up, acting silly, fellowshipping with others and enjoying the beginning of fall . . . which means the holidays are right around the corner.

And long ago my momma got me hooked on ghost stories and movies about things that go bump in the night . . . and still as a grown woman I gravitate towards the books, movies and stories that make me jump just a bit.

If your family is like mine was growing up and looking for a classy way to celebrate Halloween that doesn’t involve chainsaws and fake blood, I think this might be a perfect solution.

The Morton Meyerson Symphony Hall is holding a special “Monsters of Film Music” on Sunday, October 30 at 2:30 p.m. Today on Mamapedia you can get a family 4-pack of tickets for $38 . . . seriously, less than $10 a person to hear the sounds of Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Everyone comes dressed in their Halloween outfits, contests, arts & crafts, an instrument petting zoo and more Halloween fun!

Family 4-pack of Tickets to Monsters of Film Music – $38


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