Good Food . . . Family . . . and Old Friends

family at otbLast night On the Border treated me and my family, along with several other families, to a special dinner hosted by their catering department.

It was fun. My boys never get to go to any blogging events with me for which I am generally thankful. But they thought it was extra special to be able to go eat dinner at a restaurant just because someone wanted Mommy to blog about it. LOL

When we arrived, they had an entire room dedicated for our event. It was decorated super cute and there was a table of food and drinks along one wall.

guac cart

There was a guacamole cart where fresh avocados, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes were turned into guacamole right in front of your eyes. The boys liked that too, except they won’t eat it so their attention didn’t stick for very long.

dough at otb

But there was lots to entertain them. We had the typical kids coloring sheet and colors, plus they brought them out a ball of dough from the kitchen. They were fascinated and played and played with that stuff.

Over at the food line, there was confetti rice – kind of a spicy rice but served cold with bright colored peppers and barbecue sliders and burritos both. (We preferred the sliders, but you know we’re Texans it’s hard to separate us from our traditional barbecue tastes.) The next station had custom made quesadillas and some chicken strips for any picky kiddoes.

otb dipThey also had super cute little glasses with something like 7-Layer Dip in them, and last, there was a dessert station with miniature versions of both their Melted Brownie dessert and their Apple Pie dessert.

It was all incredible. And it would be a fun way to cater an event because it’s all food that we’re familiar with and enjoy, just made fresh to order!

One of the craziest things for me was that a girl walked up to me and asked if she knew me. I took a close look at her and realized we had attended high school together at a small Christian school.  Come to find out, she is one of the R&D chefs for On the Border now. (I assume that means Research and Development . . . like creating and trying out new recipes!)

A big thanks to On the Border for being brave enough to have our whole family come out and eat dinner . . . it’s a great place to fill your tummy, enjoy the Mexican atmosphere and make memories together as a family.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time. Thanks for coming out and it was SO good seeing you!!


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