Exciting News and a Spooky Contest

{Deep Breath} I was chosen to be on the brand new Coupon Advisory Board created by the parent company of Catalina couponsCoupon Network!

See I have proof:

Advisory Board

Coupon NetworkSee it’s super official, huh?

Seriously, I’m thrilled. There are some incredible people on this advisory board and I still find it a little crazy that I’m doing anything that partners me with them. If you are interested in checking it out, you can see the whole press release here.image

Well, one of the first things we are getting to help with is the Halloween Costume contest Coupon Network is sponsoring over on their Facebook page. You can enter a picture of your homemade costume and possibly win $500!

I’m going to be one of the official judges, so I’d love for you to comment and tell me which costume is your favorite. You can also vote on the site and help us narrow it down to the Top 10 Costumes.


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