Easy Way to Make a Child Smile


Did you know that it only takes 45 minutes and a donation of about $250 to make this little girl look like this?

That’s extraordinary, isn’t it? This worthy cause has a special place in my heart because my dad was born with a bilateral cleft lip (like the one above) and a cleft palate. He was born in 1948 so the treatment back then wasn’t as advanced as it is today. He lived alone at the hospital for months after he was born, being fed with an eye dropper by the nurses. Correcting his issues took multiple surgeries over decades of time . . . and it still isn’t quite as seamless as this little girl’s.

Children born in other places all over the world suffer the most from being born with these conditions. They are frequently unable to eat solids, talk, or even smile. That’s why Operation Smile was created.

Campus Book Rentals not only allows college students to rent the books they need for school – and even highlight in them – then return them and rent the ones for the next semester . . . they also donate to Operation Smile with every book that is rented.

Whether you rent your books through Campus Book Rentals or make a donation directly to Operation Smile, this is definitely a worthy cause that I would recommend!

This post was sponsored by Campus Book Rentals but I really should have recommended this cause a long time ago. My post was in no way influenced by the sponsorship.


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