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Oh, I should probably be going to bed, but I had such a fun night with my hubby that I wanted to share it all with you before I sleep and forget.

We set out for Fort Worth a little after 4 p.m. thanks to a wonderful friend and my lovely sister. Traffic was crazy but since it was just me and Joe, it was nice to just chat, listen to the radio and even just be silent at times. Never thought I would be so excited about silence. Ha!

Because I had been there and my husband had not, we chose to stop at Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican restaurant near downtown Fort Worth. It was good – not cheap – but a fun date. Their guacamole and hot sauce are the best!

From there we went over to the Will Rogers Coliseum to see exactly what the Christmas in Cowtown event was all about. I think my husband was a bit surprised because he thought it was going to be more “Christmas” less “shopping” but he was a good sport and visited every booth with me.

Many of the stores were boutique stores who sold one-of-a-kind items and they were priced accordingly. I have to admit, I’m not generally much of a drooler . . . but there were a few things I drooled over tonight.

Can you tell that this entire blanket is made out of minky material? And it’s huge – the size of a quilt (62”x50”)! Fully customizable, you can even make the “cowboy” have the same color eyes and hair as your son. The back side was an adorable soft cowboy-themed material. Normally $225, these are discounted at the Christmas in Cowtown event to $185, I believe. Clearly that is more expensive than many of the items I post about here at MelissaStuff but my son loves his minky “blankets” – they’re really just unfinished pieces of material – so much that I was seriously tempted to buy this for him. I honestly think he would remember it and possibly use it forever!

Those kinds of gifts are exactly what Christmas in Cowtown is all about. Finding one-of-a-kind, can’t get them anywhere else Christmas gifts.

imageI also found these pajamas.

I was drawn to the simple, classic style of these night clothes. I could totally see my three boys waking up on Christmas morning wearing these exact pjs. They are made by a company called Gabiano that specializes in high end pajamas for both children and adults.

Not sure if you can tell what this next item is very well by the picture, but it is a wreath made entirely from dried fruit and leaves. The best part was the smell. You could smell it from several feet away and it immediately made me think of Thanksgiving and Christmas – cooking, eating, being with family. I seriously was interested in purchasing something from this booth but apparently the lady that was running it had stepped away and she didn’t return while we were still in the vicinity. Maybe I can find her online store . . . maybe she has an Etsy store???

They also had this kind of “potpourri” – I think this absolutely beats the old bowls full of small waxy, crushed pieces of . . . umm, stuff.

Just looking at these again reminds me of how much I liked them. Going to have to go search the Christmas in Cowtown list of merchants to see if I can locate the right one and find out how to get one of these. It would be the perfect gift for my mom who is notoriously hard to buy for.

As I mentioned, much of the stuff in the booths at Christmas in Cowtown was boutique quality and price. Honestly, Joey and I loved much of it and debated bringing home several pieces. In the end, we made one purchase that I won’t show you because it is a Christmas gift for the one person I would NEVER have thought we would find a gift for at a boutique Christmas show! LOL

I do want you thrifsters out there to know that there were also some good deals. A couple of booths had sales on at least some of their items. One booth had necklaces – you choose the pendant and the chain – all necklaces just $5. Another booth was selling their small decorative items very inexpensively $5-$10.

And the best bargain booth of all was the Double Exposure booth. This booth is run by the ladies from the Junior League who also support and run the thrift store in Ft. Worth by the same name. They had beautiful, adorable, brand new clothing in this shop for truly thrift store prices.
Adorable Christmas Dress (New with Tags) – $10

This outfit is the kind of thing that makes me wish I had someone to dress in it. This brand new outfit was just $5 for the shirt and the coordinating jeans were $7. I liked this so much, I had to text my best friend and see if she was interested in getting it for her daughter.

There are a ton of good reasons to head over and check out the sale going on this weekend at the Will Rogers Coliseum. Tickets are $10 each, no charge for children under 5. The sale will continue to run tomorrow, Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Parking is FREE with admission, just make sure you tell the parking attendants what you are there to attend. They should direct you to the parking garage and from there it’s just up the escalators.

I would love to hear what great buys you get.

I was able to participate in this event due to the generous support of the Junior League of Ft. Worth. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced.


  1. I bought some of the orange potpourri! It is in a bowl in the middle of my kitchen table right now. :)

  2. You did? I'm totally jealous. Does it smell as good at home as it did on display?


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