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Bouari – It’s Begun . . .

So I was planning to get started on this Bouari diet over the weekend. However, we got hit by a nasty stomach bug. Everyone in the house was down with it except me. I’m still a little afraid that I’ll catch it, but I thought I would go ahead and get started. If I get sick, I get sick.

For the first two days I am supposed to take the Bouari spray morning and night – three sprays under the tongue, a dose of B12 each day – 10 drops under the tongue, and eating a high fat content diet. I have to admit after eating so healthy for the past seven months, the high fat luxury has been nice. However, I’ll also confess I was a little worried about the taste of the spray and the drops. I have a really hard time forcing myself to eat or drink something that I heartily dislike. I think my gag reflex is stronger than most and I couldn’t imagine choking down these formulas multiple times a day.

I decided I would take my first dose in the evening right before bed and that way if it had any ill effects I would be sleeping through most of it. The good news is it didn’t taste bad and it didn’t have any ill effects.

I took my second dose minus the B12 this morning. Tomorrow is my anniversary so I’ll be spending the day without kids doing fun stuff with my husband (minus the teacher/parent conference smack dab in the middle of the day) and I’ll be eating what I want. Smile

Then Wednesday I’ll be starting on the dieting part of this program. Stick around . . . it’s going to be fun, or enlightening, or something.


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