Bouari? Heard of It?


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Have you heard of Bouari? I hadn’t. And even today as I was walking into the clinic, I didn’t have a clue what they offered or how they were going to help anyone lose weight.

Here is what I learned, however. If you’ve heard of the HCG diet then you’ll have a head start on the concept behind the Bouari Diet plan. Basically, Dr. Bouari worked hard to create a homeopathic version of HCG. While the original Bouari clinics offered the HCG diet, they now recommend their proprietary formula instead. Purportedly, you get the same results without having to inject or injest hormones – many times animal hormones.

So here’s the scoop – I will begin taking the homeopathic supplement this weekend and during the first two days I eat anything and everything I want. No, for real. That’s what they told me. Something about fooling your body into NOT flipping over into starvation mode. Then I cut my calories pretty extremely. I was warned the first two days of low caloric intake will be a struggle, but then I won’t be hungry and the weight will fall all off.

The idea is that your body is trained to burn the fat that it has stored up as fuel.

I do have to admit that it was nice to hear that they didn’t think my goal of 20 lbs. was the best idea as they felt I didn’t need to lose that much! Their typical results are much higher than that, so I may not need to follow the protocols as strictly or as long as others would who are looking to lose more weight. But I will share each step of the way with you.

My first visit was a brief questionnaire, a meeting to discuss the program and my questions, then a weigh in and picture taking session. Today I weighed in at 154 lbs. Here are the pictures they took:

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I am receiving this care for free in order to review the service. However, all opinions are my own.


  1. Like you...I have NEVER heard of Bouari...until now.
    I plan on following your progress during your HCG/Bouari diet. Good Luck, even though I don't see why you are dieting, you are thin enough. Seriously!!!

  2. I've been on the Bouari plan for 3 weeks and have lost 11 pounds so far. The pounds are falling off almost effortlessly at this point. I really like the coaches and am not having any difficulty with a borderline vegetarian diet. In fact, I'm finding myself forgetting to add the protein via meats/fish/poultry.


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