Bouari Diet – The First REAL Day!

Wow, I feel like we have bounced all over the place with this Bouari diet. I started it. Then there was a stomach bug that swept through our entire family, so I stopped taking anything but ginger ale and soup.

Then I started back but had to do the two days of binging over again. Okay, so maybe I didn’t have to, but we were in Waco with my in-laws and there was lots of tasty, fattening food and drinks. So I did.

That made today, my first “REAL” day of dieting. Low, low calories – I had a few strawberries and a small dollop of plain yogurt for breakfast. Lunch was a salad, probably bigger than it should have been, but it was a salad! And dinner was tuna fish eaten with celery and carrots instead of bread.

Along with the Bouari supplement and the B12 drops, I also took two appetite suppressants that came as part of this repertoire. It worked pretty well, but now after dinner I’m definitely battling some cravings. Hungry for something sweet, but that’s likely a mental craving and not any kind of true hunger.

I’m through a couple of the things I feared already. The supplement spray isn’t bad at all, almost kind of numbs the area under the tongue when I spray it. The B12 drops are NOT tasty, but I just try to take them right after the spray and that helps a lot. It doesn’t seem to bother my stomach or have any strange side effects.

I’m not as hungry as I was afraid I’d be. The supplement is supposed to target the stores of fat we keep in typical places like our middle. And as strange as this is, I feel like the “padding” around my belly is already different. Can’t really quantify that, but I’ll keep you updated.

Honestly, I’m actually looking forward to taking my spray tonight to counter the cravings and hunger. It’ll be quite interesting to see what happens over the next two weeks!


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