BornFree Asks: What were the products you couldn’t live without?

After having successfully delivered three babies and managed to keep them alive until at least toddlerhood, I feel like an expert in certain areas and a complete novice in others.

Remember how overwhelming being a new mother was for the first time. When you went to fill out your registry, didn’t you just want the safest, most trusted and convenient products available.

I thought it would be helpful to new parents if we made a list of our favorite products (toys, bottles teethers, etc.) – you know the ones you couldn’t have survived your babies first year without.

I’ll start out . . .

I picked a specific crib and my mom went out and bought it for me. It wasn’t super expensive and it was actually secondhand . . . but I have used that crib through all three babies and I LOVE it.


Since it was secondhand, I don’t even know what brand it is or where you could find it. But my real recommendation is pick things that you’re going to love – and don’t spend an arm and a leg. It’s not necessary.

This discussion is sponsored by BornFree. BornFree specializes in developing and manufacturing baby feeding products that feature a natural flow that’s closer to breastfeeding, tummy conscious ActiveFlow™ venting technology that’s clinically proven to reduce colic, and naturally safe materials that are free of BPA, PVD and phthalates.


  1. I had no problem buying second hand. I bought a second hand crib, too, because I knew we would not have it for years and years. However, I bought a new dresser because I knew it was something my son could have until he grew up, and might even want to take it with him when he leaves home.

  2. I think that's smart. There were definitely some things we bought brand new or had given to us. But I honestly couldn't have been happier with the crib we ended up with and we paid the same for it as most no name, not interesting, plain cribs in the store.

    Thanks for sharing, Jamie!


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