$10 for a Handmade Bracelet Shipped + Support a Worthy Cause


Donate $10 and get a handmade bracelet shipped to your home . . . and all of your money will go to support TeacHaiti.

If you’re like me and skeptical sometimes about ministries and non-profits you’ve never heard of. Let me vouch for TeacHaiti – or rather let my blogging “friends” vouch for them.

For over a year now I’ve been reading the blog of a young family from College Station who picked up after the earthquake in Haiti and moved their entire family to Haiti to make a difference and live out what they believe. It’s a great blog where there is lots of raw honesty, beautiful hope and moving stories. Besides, they have three older boys and an adopted younger son, so I can totally identify with all the antics that go on in their household.

They posted last year about a fundraiser their local school in Haiti did which profited TeacHaiti – which is also run by a personal friend of theirs. That’s all the recommendation I needed to hear. I trust these people who are living their lives in a world devoid of many American privileges and if they think a ministry is worthwhile, I’ll take their opinion over a bunch of people sitting in the States pretending to know what’s going on.


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