What I Got: 200 Prints for $1.99 Shipped!!

Finally got all of my 200 pictures uploaded and ordered. It’s always fun to watch a deal go through when the price is so unbelievably low.

200 pictures shipped to your home for just $1.99 . . . that’s printing and shipping for less than $.01 a picture.

I generally try to pay no more than $.05 a picture, but really the only thing better than $.01 is FREE!

To take advantage of this deal, click through on this link to Kodak and look for the link at the top of the page that says 200 FREE pictures. When you upload and order 200 pictures, the cost is immediately removed and all that is left is $1.99 shipping charge.

These kinds of deals will frequently disappear overnight, so I’m ordering mine right now. Too good to miss out on!


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