Team CureDuchenne {Cadillac}

Okay, so super excited about sharing this that I can’t wait until I have all the details and specifics . . . but I was chosen to represent Team CureDuchenne in a local Team Escalade Dallas competition.
Basically there are a group of charities competing to see which charity can get the most votes on the Cadillac website. The winning non-profit will receive a $150,000 grant!

There will be lots of special events and interesting promotion and you’ll be able to follow along with all of that right here on the MelissaStuff blog!

One of the reasons I am so thrilled about this is because my non-profit – Team CureDuchenne – has a personal connection for me. One of my sweet friends has a teenage son who has beaten the odds already in his fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more about that with you throughout this process.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Duchenne’s, you can begin to learn about it by watching this video:

MelissaStuff is working with Team Escalade Texas to help promote this competition and the various charities involved courtesy of Cadillac.


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