Stocking Stuffer: $2.50 Ouchies


4 Tins of Ouchies bandages – $10

I don’t know a child who doesn’t love band-aids. My boys ask for them ALL the time. We have to tell them if it isn’t bleeding then we’re not going to waste a band-aid.

Christmas is just around the corner so the wheels are already turning in my head to figure out the best deals and how to do what I want to do for everyone as economically as possible. Using deals like this is one way I make Christmas affordable for us.

Today you can get 4 different packages of Ouchies bandages for just $10 (plus shipping which should be around $5). Definitely more than I pay for regular band-aids but then again, these aren’t regular band-aids either.

This deal is good until midnight on Monday, September 26.


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