Oh My Word!

I told you this weekend that I was excited about being appointed to the Team CureDuchenne as a part of the Team Escalade Texas competition. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be involved.

This Thursday is the kick-off. I am partnering with three celebrities, a local radio station and a well-known radio DJ to help CureDuchenne win the $150,000 prize. I know who my three celebrities are, but I can’t share quite yet. But you know what? We are loving the fact that it is football season in the Carlisle house! Just saying.

I know you are great readers who are loyal to me and who are looking for worthy causes to back. I am not near as big as some of the blogs I am competing against, but I am counting on you to share this with your friends, your family, your Twitter followers, and your Facebook friends!

Stay tuned. I’ll be tweeting and posting tomorrow live from the event and will follow that up with a more detailed post and better pictures so you can get a good look at those “celebrities”!

MelissaStuff is working with Team Escalade Texas to help promote this competition and the various charities involved courtesy of Cadillac.


  1. Can't wait to hear more details! I just saw the Escalades featured on Channel 8....along with the charities names, etc.

  2. Such a worthy cause!


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