Me In a Bikini???

I told you not too long ago about the great gym . . . and good friends that I’ve found here locally that have made an incredible difference in my fitness level. I was looking at some pictures and thought they might help explain.

If you really want to see the truth about how bad it was, here’s a picture from before I started working out at all.


For the record, I don’t usually take pictures of myself in the mirror, but I was trying to figure out if this was attractive or not. No comments from the peanut gallery, please.

photo (2)

Seriously I can’t believe I’m putting these pictures on the Internet . . . but I’m trying to make a point.

I was not healthy. In my opinion, I was not attractive – although I do have to say my husband was always good about telling me he loved me and I was beautiful.

It’s weird though because in my head I never was this big. I knew my clothes didn’t fit the way I wanted them to . . . and I knew I had put on a “few pounds” but seriously looking at these pictures is kind of shocking  to me.

To be honest, I only started working out because I found a $10 deal for one month at the gym. I actually thought it also included tanning so I figured I couldn’t beat that to prep for the cruise we were going on. I went almost every day in the month leading up to the cruise. I started losing a bit of weight and feeling better.


These pictures are from the cruise. This first one is a bit blurry, but you can well get the idea I am trying to share. image

Here is another one from that same trip.


Yep . . . that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

I realize some of you are thinking that this isn’t all that bad. I feel you. I’m sure there are people who are much more unhealthy than I was. But this is bad – for me.

I was a cheerleader. I was an athlete. I was always on the go. I’m not afraid to sweat or work hard. But somewhere along the way I lost sight of what I wanted for me and settled for just okay. I ate because I was bored. I ate because I was frustrated. I ate because it was the one “fun” thing I could look forward to every day. Some of that is still a huge struggle for me now.

But when we got back from the cruise, I kept working out. (And paying full price at the gym! You know it must have been important to me.) And I ate better. And I lost weight. Quite a bit of weight. Around 20 lbs.

Then I plateaued. I was gaining more muscle but not losing any weight and certain areas – like my middle – just weren’t making significant enough strides. After getting some advice I started taking protein shakes as meal supplements. The ones I have are pretty nasty, but they do the trick. I try to convince myself it’s just like taking medicine – a few seconds of unpleasantness for a long-term gain.

Then I discovered that I could get a similar product with a much better flavor from Smoothie King! They ran a deal with SaveMore not too long ago and when I redeemed my vouchers I found that I actually liked their products – as did my husband and kids. (For you locals, this Smoothie King is located between Freebirds and Coffee’n’Cream in the Villages at Allen.) They have an array of flavors and formulas so everyone can find one that works for them.

After starting the supplements, I’ve lost another 5 pounds or so . . . I think. The scale seems to find some of it here or there which is a bit aggravating. But I continue to watch my body shape change and I am pleased with the results I have obtained and the direction I am heading. I don’t know if I’ll be putting on a bikini again anytime soon – I still have enough stretch marks to give Rand McNally a run for his money – but the fact I’m even considering it is nothing but amazing.

For those of you that may be interested in using Smoothie King to help you with your fitness and health plan, I’ll be posting more in the upcoming weeks about what I order, when I drink them and how they affect me.

I’ll also be posting pictures of this me minus 25 pounds as soon as I can find some. Apparently I’ve been too  busy working out to take any pictures doing anything fun.


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