LOCAL: Less than $20 for Salon Cut (and Tinsels)

Lauren Reagan Nimmons

Hair Cut, Style and Tinsel plus $10 CPK Gift Card – $28 (or $19.60 with the promo code PLUMLOVE)

Located in historic downtown McKinney, the Lauren Reagan Nimmons Salon is the perfect place to pamper yourself and get a new hairstyle (or just refresh the one that hasn’t been trimmed in 6 months!).

Today, you can get your hair washed, cut and – if you like – even tinseled!

If you’re like me, you don’t even know what “tinseled” is but it’s apparently the hip new hair accent. As you can see in these pictures you can do it big or do it subtle. Or you can leave it off all together and just get the haircut along with the $10 California Pizza Kitchen gift card!

I pay way more than $20 normally when I get my hair cut and I’ve never had my hair dresser tip me with a $10 gift card to a fun restaurant, so I won’t be passing up this deal.

By the way, you can only use the PLUMLOVE code once per account, but you should also have a 20% discount that was automatically applied to your account if you made a recent purchase using the PLUMLOVE account.

And since the California Pizza Kitchen $10 credits appear to be gift cards, you should be able to combine them all in one transaction!

If you are a returning Plum District customer, you can support MelissaStuff by using this link to purchase your deal.


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