HOT–HURRY! Get $30 at Beyond the Rack for Just $8.50!

I highlighted this earlier today when I shared some deals you could use the Plum District extra 15% off code on . . . but it’s such a good deal I wanted to make sure no one missed it.

Here’s exactly how you do this:

1. Go sign up for an account at Beyond the Rack. You will get $10 simply for registering.

2. Buy the Plum District Beyond the Rack deal – use the code fall2fab and get an additional 15% off making it only $8.50.



$10 $8.50 for $20 at Beyond the Rack

You will then have $30 in credit to be spent at Beyond the Rack. You can choose to immediately head over and spend your credit or hang around MelissaStuff and I’ll let you know the best deals to use your credit on.


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