HOT: $20 FREE at Once Upon a Child (Skillman/Abrams)


This deal was offered by Juice in the City not long ago and I snapped up like 6 vouchers . . . I love me some consignment stores and sales.

If you missed out on that deal, this one is actually even better because if you haven’t used your $10 SaveMore credit, you can actually get this for FREE!

Seriously, $20 worth of clothing from Once Upon a Child for your child FREE! This store is just off of Skillman and Abrams. If you know anyone who lives in this area, drives there for work, or visits family anywhere near – you need to share this with them. It’s super easy too. Those buttons just below and on the left give you a variety of ways. You can tweet this, Facebook it, or even email it directly to the person you know who needs it.

You could also get the deal yourself and go pick out $20 worth of clothing to donate to a worthy cause!

If you’ve already used your credit, this is still a good deal. If you use this link to make your purchase, you will be supporting the MelissaStuff blog. We greatly appreciate it!


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