Headed There . . .

I am on the road – at a ridiculously early time for this night owl – to go meet the rest of the Team Escalade Texas teams and kick off this incredible event. My face and my body might not be showing it yet, but I am thrilled to be a part of this.

This morning we will be driving brand new Escalades from the GM plant in Arlington over to the State Fair where they will be on display during the duration of the Fair. (By the way, the Fair is one of my favorite activities ever.) We will also be participating in a news conference so you never know where you might see my smiling face or read something I said!

There are great surprises that I will be tweeting and posting about this morning LIVE from the event. If you want to follow along and know what they are, please add @melstuffblog on Twitter and look for the hashtag #TeamEscaladeTX – I’ll seriously be checking my Twitter and Facebook as much as possible so feel free to shoot me any questions or comments and I’ll do my best to respond.

The most important thing you can do for me this morning though is to head over to the Team Escalade Texas site and click to be a supporter of Team CureDuchenne – whoever has the most votes at the end of this 5 week competition will get a $150,000 donation from Cadillac. CureDuchenne is truly an underfunded charity and would greatly profit from this donation.

If you have a Smartphone and like great apps, there is another, super easy way to support Team CureDuchenne.

I just used the BestBuzz app for the first time last night to check in as a supporter myself and I loved it. Honestly could not believe how easy it was and the scanner picked right up, unlike some of those silly barcode scanners I’ve tried to use with my Android.

Please support Team CureDuchenne and share this with your friends and family and acquaintances and coworkers and anyone else you can think of. I may not be as big as the other blogs participating in Team Escalade Texas, but I’m definitely feistier!

MelissaStuff is working with Team Escalade Texas to help promote this competition and the various charities involved courtesy of Cadillac.


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