Feathers, Feathers Everywhere!

IMAG0197If you follow MelissaStuff on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should because there’s extra special stuff ONLY posted there sometimes), you know that I recently partnered with Plum District to run a giveaway for feather extensions.

Today was the fun day that we scheduled for me and the three winners to go claim our prizes. The special offer was run by Backstage Salon which is just off of Main St. in downtown Frisco. It’s a ridiculously cute all green house on the outside, and decorated absolutely adorable on the inside. But it is a street off the beaten path so you might not readily see it.

Here is what our feathers ended up looking like:


Jen (on the left) wanted a more subtle look and you can just barely see her black and white feathers peeking out over her ear. I’m not so much for the subtle and you can see my bright red and white feathers there . . . another small striped feather is also hanging down longer but it’s hard to see in this shot.


Cheryl followed her husband’s advice and did bright blue and yellow – which seems to fit her personality well anyway. Trisha’s feathers looked the best in my opinion because her hair is curly and so it nicely set the straighter feathers off . . . and her three-year-old daughter even got a little feather of her own. If you look really hard you can spot it.

After our beautification, we all were able to eat at Mi Chula together and had an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you so much ladies. It was great to have the chance to spend time with you.

Be on the lookout there are more great giveaways coming on MelissaStuff – in fact we have one that ends tomorrow with three winners! Go to the giveaways page and enter before the contest ends.


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