Fall Is Coming . . . {Giveaway}

Living in Texas where it was above 100 degrees almost every day this summer can make you long for fall – here it is still coming, we have hovered around 90 this week. But I know in many places it has fully arrived.
I was super excited to receive this DownEast Basics sweater in the mail this week:

If you could see me every day when you read the blog, you would know this is very ME. It’s made out of stretchy t-shirt material so it couldn’t be more comfortable and the handkerchief style with the front tie is very flattering. The worst thing in the world is to get a sweater or jacket and realize it was adorable in the picture or on the mannequin but it’s frumpy and unattractive on you!

For those of you who don’t do ties . . . they also have this adorable cardigan:

Seriously, I wish I could have gotten one of each – and maybe even in each of the colors they come in. When my SIL and I went on our blogging trip last April, we actually were able to shop in a couple of real brick and mortar DownEast Basics stores. We found some fun clearance and oohhed and aaahed over the different designs. They have beautiful, graceful looking, well made clothes.

And the good news for you is that you have the chance to win one item of your choice from DownEast Basics yourself.

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