Want Cheap, Convenient School Supplies?

My group of girl friends has had multiple conversations lately about school supplies – and we’ve even had one here at MelissaStuff. Seems there are many, many ways to go about getting them. Some cheaper than others. Some easier than others.

If you still need a good bit of school supplies, I have a good way for you to get them conveniently delivered to your door for 50% off.


Plum District is offering $20 worth of school supplies from SchoolKidz for just $10! You automatically get 50% off the supplies you purchase and they’re Originaldelivered right to your home. They have all of the products we needed for our school although some of them were not the right brands.

Returning customers should use this link.

(If you’re curious, I decided to get the items that were on sale and if the brand ends up being imperative on any of the items, I’ll go back during school supply clearance and pick it up. I’ll also pick up the school supply list for next year and buy those during clearance.)


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