Unique Childcare Option – Bingo Camp!


I have to confess that when I first saw this advertised I thought “What in the world is Bingo Camp?” Doesn’t it sound like a bunch of little old ladies sitting around all day marking up their Bingo cards?

But, it’s not. It is a unique kind of camp offered by This Side up Family FunCenter, a new non-profit in Plano aimed at moving families from surviving to thriving through Parenting Education, Community Service and Family Connection.

When your child attends Bingo Camp, they’ll not only get the chance to play plenty of games of Bingo, they will also have a chance to to be the Bingo Caller/Emcee, develop leadership skills and stage presence, snack on popcorn, drink some lemonade, and win daily prizes.

In the end, kids go home with their own personalized bingo card set and lots of new ideas for awesome family game nights at home.

Open to kids entering 1st grade and up, this camp will run for the rest of this week, August 3 – 5 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Per hour, you will be paying just a bit over $4. That’s a good deal and you’re supporting a good cause all at the same time. Many of the moms I know will be glad to have a little additional help at this “mommy’s witching hour” time of day when everything seems to be that much harder.

Then, as an added bonus for Juice in the City customers, you'll also get one free VIP pass to a This Side UP! Family Connection Night.


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